Butterflies in Europe

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Graduate students Heidi MacLean and Kate Augustine have recently returned from a trip abroad to attend the Pieris Jamboree Workshop 2014 August 5-8 in Stockholm, Sweden. During this workshop, Heidi and Kate learned the latest bioinformatic skills from Dr. Chris Wheat’s lab at Stockholm University and helped to annotate the Pieris napi genome.http://www.christopherwheat.net/

After the workshop, Heidi and Kate traveled to the 7th International Conference on Butterfly Biology in Turku, Finland August 11-14 http://nymphalidae.utu.fi/icbb2014. The conference was host to a number of top butterfly biologists and had talks on everything from transcriptomics to conservation to sexual selection. They both presented posters at the Wednesday evening poster session.