Opportunities for Undergraduates

We welcome motivated undergraduates who are interested in research, either in the lab or field or at the computer; there are almost always multiple undergraduates involved in research in the lab. UNC undergraduates should email me (jgking@bio.unc.edu) with their resume, course background and possible research interests. Opportunities are available both in the summer and during the academic year.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

There are a variety of opportunities available for prospective graduate students. My recent students and postdocs have worked on various projects at the interfaces of environmental physiology, ecology, and evolution, involving a variety of different questions and study systems with insects and/or plants. Students are typically supported on a combination of research and teaching assistantships, depending on the project and its relationship to grant funding available in the lab. I also encourage students who are interested in working collaboratively with me and other UNC faculty—some of the best thesis projects combine expertise and approaches among different labs. I prefer to have a rather small number of students (2-4) working in the lab at any time, so that I can keep track and provide consistent input and mentorship. Past graduate students and postdocs in the lab have gone on to faculty positions at colleges and universities (e.g. University of Houston, William and Mary College, Franklin and Marshall College, University of Montana, Washington State University, Harvard University, Notre Dame), or to research positions at government agencies (USDA, National Marine Fisheries Service, Food and Drug Administration) or NGOs (The Nature Conservancy, Climate Central).

Prospective PhD students should contact me with their research interests and background. Students may be admitted through either the graduate program in the Biology Department or the Curriculum in Ecology.

Opportunities for Postdoctoral Researchers

Funding opportunities for interested PhD scientists include:

  • Postdoctoral fellowships at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
  • SPIRE: Supporting postdoctoral research, teaching and professional development